Implant information for Professionals

Just For Professionals

This page is intended to provide guidance and insight to professionals who will be performing the installation of our products. The contents of this page is not intended to be used as “how-to” instructions for anyone to DIY these procedures. The information presented on this page is insufficient to properly instruct a layman in safe methods of aseptic procedure or working with tissue, and in many ways, this content assumes and omits various aspects of expected standard professional knowledge in these areas.

Installation and aftercare of x-series transponders

We have created two PDF documents that explain what our transponders are and how to perform the implantation procedure. We also have created an installation video and a summary of the process below.

Introduction to Implantable Transponders for Professionals

Professional Guide to x-series Transponder Installation



[Download Video]



[Download Video]


Summary of the installation procedure

  • Locate centred installation site parallel to index metacarpal bone
  • Set up a sterile field and take care not to cross contaminate tools
  • Clean and prep skin with the ChloraPrep antiseptic treatment
  • Remove safety from plunger of the injector assembly
  • Identify the injection site at least 12mm distally from the installation site
  • Tent skin by gripping and lifting to expand fascia and separate dermis from muscle
  • Insert needle under the skin, deep enough to fully pass the targeted installation site by approximately 12mm
  • Retract the needle 12mm to leave a pocket for the transponder
  • Eject 12mm long tag by pushing the plunger down until it clicks firmly
  • Retract needle completely from the injection site
  • Place sterile gauze over the wound and apply firm pressure until bleeding stops
  • Apply clean bandage over the wound site


  • The injection site should stop bleeding and scab over between 5 and 30 minutes
  • Ok to resume normal hand washing and showering 2-6 hours post installation
  • Installation site may be swollen for up to 24-48 hours and/or bruised for up to 72 hours
  • From 2-4 weeks post installation, the body will encapsulate the tag with fibrous collagen
  • During encapsulation, do not play with, push, poke, or move the subdermal tag
  • During encapsulation, do not lift heavy objects or grip anything with significant force
  • Taking prenatal vitamins can help speed the collagen encapsulation process
  • For up to 12 months, momentary tingles, itching, or pinching is normal as nerves heal
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